One Tweet Memoirs

“Anytime you try to be a loving person, you’re doing your part to save the world.”
~Marianne Williamson

Happy hibiscus

I called my husband to tell him two bulls chased me & I got caught on a barbed wire fence. Hours later he left a message of mooing sounds. 

What hope, joy, drama and tragedy of lives past, lay beyond those rusted rails.

Barry Jones, author of Rusted Rails

Ask a stranger about their tattoos, and you’ll find a personal story accompanies each image. In sharing, comes caring and connection.

The scar I carry dances in my pocket. I scoop it up and cradle it in my palm, red and raw from scrubbing the past away. — L.A. Miller

I bought myself flowers today. Why wait for someone else to buy them for me? Self-love and self-care are essential for our well-being.

If you ask a storyteller if their tales are true, be wary of their answer. “Of course,” they’ll tell you. But then, they are storytellers…  

Barry Jones, author of Words upon a Tombstone.


I listen to the sibilant sound of leaves as they sway, sashay and shush each other as they waltz with the wind.

stroll around the playground trolling for the laughter and bright squeals of children: swinging, sliding, climbing & chasing each other.

Tonight I was stargazing, and asked the Universe: Please make me an instrument of love, light & healing. Suddenly a star exploded and fell.—L.A. Miller

 Sky…deep violet-blue all consuming color snatches me up like a child’s paper cutout and pastes me across the ceiling of heaven. Bliss.

Daddy began to lose this and that—keys, papers, and names. Now Mother puts patches on his arm so he doesn’t lose the rest of his mind.

 The porch swing sways sweetly in the breeze as though some ghostly presence is pushing their feet upon the silvery-gray boards.

The first time I went to an upscale grocery store a water mister sprayed me, and distant thunder roared. I screamed and fell to the floor.

 A man’s car died on his rounds to feed stray cats. I stopped to help: I steered; he pushed. Overcome by cat stench: I pushed; he steered.

The silver recipe of love is far too shy to present itself to me. So I envision it stitched in satin, words glowing like coals: I swallow…  —L.A. Miller

 The stone-hard coldness of my husband’s neglect can’t reach me on this mountaintop tonight. The stars shine far too bright & tickle my heart.

 I cry in corners and closets. Small spaces suit me. Tear soaked tissues nest at my feet: I imagine Robin’s eggs waiting to open & take wing.


We quickly learned that we’d need to become a team, relying on each other, focusing on what we had in common, rather than our differences. —Deborah Anderson, author of  Angels in Combat Boots: Memoirs and Miracles of Faith

I miss the bag boy at Food Lion who affectionately spoke to each item before he carefully placed it in the bag.

My pal Deb Sincere said in college her husband’s teacher, Mr. Judge, asked him, “Are you Sincere?” He answered, “You be the judge of that.”

The casino was unbelievably crowded.  Someone had to die and will their spot to you if you wanted to play anything.—Deb Sincere  

We all want something out of life, but which part of life do we want, and in the end what do we really choose?—Kate Childrey, B.A. Psychology

Checkout woman at Earth Fare had these cool earrings made of small plants. “How long do they last?” I asked. She said, “Until I kill them” 

Here’s Dugan looking for trouble! There’s a bunny in there & he knows it. Smart bunny. I know it was a bunny because it ran in front of me.—Charlotte Jones

It was fun seeing Joe Biden cast his ballot in the band room of my former high school A.I. DuPont. I was student body president there.—LAM

If my first marriage was named after an ice cream flavor it would be called, “Rocky Road with Metallic Sprinkles.”—Funny Guy

When times were really bad coping with my daughter’s heroin addiction, I’d remember about the cancer – that I could be dying now – and things didn’t seem so bad. —Christine Lewry author of Thin Wire: A mother’s journey through her daughter’s heroin addiction.

Christine Lewry author of Thin Wire

Every time I hear someone say, “Stay in the present,” I see myself in a beautifully wrapped gift box. —Charles Hall 

Hoping everyone in New York City gets their power back on! I spent four days alone snowed in one winter with no power or firewood.—Still shivering 

My husband’s friend “Les,” was in a melancholy mood. Another friend eyes Les and says to my husband, “Victor Hugo.” Meaning “Les Miserable”

My best friend sent an Abraham-Hicks post: “If you’re in a negative place, don’t think, don’t speak, don’t call anyone.” I can take a hint.

Saw a trick-or-treater dressed as a bunch of grapes—purple balloons from chin to knees. A big PIN came to mind. Pop! Pop!— Funny Guy

Said to my college boyfriend, “I’m taller than you.” He stared at my Taylor Swift size bosom and said, “We could both use a few inches.”

I left a Postem Note for my husband with the message: Two small plates are missing. He writes back, I think they ran away with the spoon.

What happened to that steamroller I set loose at 11 after I turned on the ignition key and it suddenly started ROLLING? I jumped off & RAN.—Charles Hall

Every time I hear a person over 50 ask, “What is my life purpose?” I am tempted to suggest they donate a few organs.—Funny Guy

It made my day when just about everyone I passed gave me a BIG SMILE. Much later I realized why. My face was covered with dark LILY pollen.

On ski trips adults called me SUNNY—due, I thought, to my bright disposition. Dad gave me a reality adjustment, “They think you’re a boy.”

My German boyfriend wants to wear my panties. He asks as though he’s requesting nothing out of the ordinary: a glass of water, an aspirin…

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