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Here’s an opportunity to reflect on your life with a writing challenge: condense your life in 140-characters or less; share your joys and sorrows, successes and failures. If you’re an animal lover, write about your pet. Or simply write a slice of life from your everyday experiences. No sweat. Just write something! 

We all have a story to tell. Those front porch days of conversation and  camaraderie are over for most of us. Storytelling is a tradition that has been replaced by TV, texting, the Internet, and video games. Our collective fear of being overlooked and forgotten has us scrambling to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to be “Liked” and “Followed”, and to accumulate “Views”. At One Tweet Memoir you have an opportunity to share your story and be remembered. You matter!

One of my goals in creating this site is to publish an e-Book of memorable submissions: If your Tweet is selected for an e-Book you will receive a FREE copy. You maintain your copyright. By submitting to One Tweet Memoir you agree to our terms of service below:

 Terms of Service: Users retain their copyrights to all submitted works. Please note that by submitting to One Tweet Memoir we share copyright with the author. Users grant One Tweet Memoir a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States license to use the submitted work for promotional, commercial and non-commercial purposes, such as advertisements, books, and other products. Only submissions of 140-characters or less—one Tweet—will be accepted. I go to Twitter for help with my character count. Submit your name after your Tweet or remain anonymous. Multiple submissions and photos are welcome.

 Here are a few examples to get you started:

Meeting you: a pinwheel of excitement spins inside me—shiny, metallic, flashing silver and royal red.—L.A. Miller, author of First Kiss

Beneath him…I wiggle to free myself and push his upper arms with my hands, but it’s like trying to push up the sky.

“Sometimes thinking big means doing something relatively small for someone, with potential results that cannot be measured.”—Deborah Anderson, author of  Angels in Combat Boots: Memoirs and Miracles of Faith

The heat wave is behind us. Four days of pounding rain gone. I rush outdoors: my bare feet find bliss in the squishy grass and red clay. — L. A. Miller, Journalist

When times were really bad coping with my daughter’s heroin addiction, I’d remember about the cancer – that I could be dying now – and things didn’t seem so bad. —Christine Lewry author of Thin Wire: A mother’s journey through her daughter’s heroin addiction.

Tweet to Joe Biden on Election Day 2012:

 In 1972, I didn’t want to shake your hand when you campaigned at Univ of Del. “Shake his hand!” said my pal. “He may be president one day”.

I was in the shower when my husband yelled, “Obama won!” I jumped out, dried off and ran naked around the house screaming & jumping with joy!—Anna Cole

Tornado warning: Mom, 84, has basement closet stocked—water, crackers & a WIG. Says, “If the house blows away I still want to look good!”

Unbeknownst to her, the neighborhood boys used to call Mom Mrs. America. (center in red) At 84 she’s still hot! She sings and dances too.


I often wonder who I will marry, and ask myself, “What is she doing right now? Is she thinking about me?” —Samuel Nunn, Environmentalist

When my first child was born a parade marched inside my heart and has never stopped. —Anna Cole, Proud to be a Housewife.

Tweet to Newt Gingrich: I covered Fairburn, GA city council meetings for the Southside Sun circa 1984—it was you, me, & a 2nd reporter: I was the nice journalist :)  —L.A. Miller (The second journalist from a competing newspaper often grilled Gingrich about his affairs, and leaving his wife, who suffered from Multiple Sclerosis.)

He cried—after we wed; when he gave his cat (I’m allergic) to a farmer’s wife; before my emergency caesarean; & the night he left us. —L.A. Miller

Hubby said, “According to a study, folks who make sound effects have low IQ’s. “So when my family visits don’t make all your ‘funny’ noises.” —Anna Cole, Proud to be a Housewife

I tie Mom’s sheer scarves around my naked body, & dance before her mirror: at 12, I’m an exotic princess. Car horn honks. Mom’s home early! —L.A. Miller

 Please e-mail your Tweet to: Lori@onetweetmemoir.com or leave your Tweet in the reply box. I look forward to hearing from you. 

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